This week, the Stuck Mic Avcast invited me on the podcast to discuss aviation and the future of Clayviation. The recording will be available for your listening pleasure on October 1, 2016 through your favorite podcast app or at  While the blog is the flagship element of the Clayviation brand, I have a lot more on the horizon, so I thought I’d expand on some topics discussed on the podcast and give you a peek inside my little black journal containing the blueprints of Clayviation.

The Clayviation Blog
Expect the weekly blog posts to keep rolling. The goal here is to provide quality content for aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots, student pilots and current pilots in an easy to digest format. I’ve had some incredible opportunities to forge great new relationships through the blogs.  Thank you for reading.


I love sharing my flights with you. Read about a recent trip to Nashville here.

Clayviation Drones
You might have already seen photos from some of the early drone flights, but a DJI Phantom 4 is now part of the Clayviation family. There are a few markets we’ll be flying in, including real estate and farming, but the actual flying of a drone is an incredible gateway into aviation. My seven year old son has a hobby drone and through our flights, he’s picked up on so much actual aviation knowledge.  It’s a great way to introduce principles of aviation to anyone looking to get in. Look for some blog posts to expand to the drone world as well. Oh, and it’s a bunch of fun to fly.

Being able to pop up and see from above is the next best thing to flying.

Being able to pop up and see the world from above is the next best thing to flying.  Read the blog about some creative drone uses here.

Clayviation Youth Pilot 
Flying with my son has opened my eyes to a whole new facet of aviation.  I’ve been working on some great resources for youth eager to get into aviation.  While this is in development, I can’t release too much info about it yet (remember Slugworth from Willy Wonka?), but it is a foundational component of Clayviation.  Most kids love airplanes at an early age. You’d think by the amount of airplane toys and movies, kids would grow up eager to learn to fly.  In reality, though, other hobbies and passions tend to become more accessible by the teen years. My goal is to help close the gap between developing the early passion and making aviation accessible when training can become a reality.  If you are a parent who flies with your kids, you’ll want to be around for this.  Be sure to subscribe to get the info first when it’s released.

My son got this aviator dog on his first flight. Read about it here.

My son got this aviator dog on his first flight. Read about the flight here.

The Clayviation YouTube Channel
If you read the article on Hangar.Flights I contributed called 5 Ways A Flight Simulator Can Make You A Better Pilot, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of flight simulators.  They have gotten super advanced and realistic and have some incredible benefits to certain components of training and practice. Stay tuned for the Clayviation YouTube Channel featuring regular flight simulator videos aimed at new or aspiring pilots. You don’t even have to rent an airplane to get on board with that – you just need a good wifi signal.

A successful flight in a flight simulator is nearly as satisfying as the real thing.

A successful flight in a flight simulator is nearly as satisfying as the real thing.

The Clayviation Podcast
Having my own podcast has been a dream for some time now. I love how easy it is to consume aviation content by listening to podcasts. I listen in the car, while running, or while doing work around the house.  I had a blast on the Stuck Mic Avcast and look forward to the day I can give you the link to subscribe to the Clayviation Podcast with guests (like Carl Valeri), stories, learning and topics geared to new and aspiring pilots.

Legos have been a big part of our play routine.

Legos have been a big part of our play routine.  Here is the Clayviation Podcast in Legos – I know, I’m a nerd.

When a house is built, the vision is laid and the blueprints are carefully drafted. Each room is thought out and designed.  Resources are gathered, and then the vision comes to life, one brick at a time.   My vision for the Clayviation brand is one of excellence. When I am prepared to complete the next room of the Clayviation blueprint excellently, I’ll be sure to invite you in to have a look around.  I’ll have some coffee made.  And some bacon. I mean, who doesn’t love bacon?

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