As the Clayviation community grows, I like to find ways to get involved with other organizations and be a part of positive growth in the aviation community.

A group of aviation bloggers is assembling around a friend of Clayviation called Hangaround. This organization has a pretty cool concept. Lots of our smaller, hometown airports lack any sort of a presence on the web. Hangaround is building a community in part by offering anywhere from simple to customized web pages for airports.  This will allow folks like you and me have better information and access to the airports we fly to and use.

I have the privilege of submitting the first blog for Hangaround, entitled “Three Tips For Become A Professional Avgeek.” I hope you’ve subscribed to the Clayviation community to get the weekly blogs delivered to your inbox. Have a read of this week’s blog below and be sure to bookmark Hangaround to catch future blogs, including regular Clayviation contributions.

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