If you have a flight simulator, I have a challenge for you.

Over on the Clayviation YouTube channel, we’ve just finished up a series entitled “Bucket List Flights: Flying To Oshkosh.” Over the course of five flight legs, we have used X-Plane 11 to travel from Nashville, Tennessee, to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for an arrival into our own simulated Airventure Oshkosh Fly-In. Along the way, we’ve explored various topics like using checklists and landing; we’ve looked at setting up and handling a random engine failure and we’ve flown a GPS approach after getting ourselves stuck in the clouds. Our arrival into Oshkosh was simulated using information from the actual Oshkosh NOTAM, a hefty document outlining everything a pilot needs to know to successfully transition the unique and complicated arrival into the world’s largest fly-in. Now it’s your turn to try it.

I’m hosting a challenge to simulator pilots who want to fly the arrival into Oshkosh. The series is featured at the X-Plane.org Flight School, so along with X-Plane.org, we’re offering a chance to win some pretty sweet flight simulator hardware for participating. If you want to join in the fun, this video explains what you need to do (keep reading for the text version):

Get Set Up

In episode 3, we discussed landing and installed a great little landing plugin that helps us judge our landing. It tells us whether the landing was great, acceptable, or sometimes asks if anyone survived. It also displays your descent rate at touchdown.  Then for the approach into Oshkosh (episode 5), I installed some custom scenery to add some extra realism to the arrival, like tons of airplanes parked all over the grass.  To start your journey, download and install the landing plugin from episode 3 and the Oshkosh scenery (links below) from episode 5 to make your arrival that much more fun and make sure you have all the colored dots painted on the runway.

Fly The Arrival
Once you have the landing plugin and the Oshkosh scenery installed, start your challenge at Ripon, flying 90 knots and 1800 feet. Follow the railroad tracks out of the northeast corner of Ripon over to Fisk. Feel free to rock your wings a half mile or so shy of Fisk if you like. Passing Fisk, continue to follow the railroad tracks to Oshkosh and enter a right downwind for runway 27. Basically the tracks will take you to the gravel pit. Fly just inside the gravel pit and parallel to the runway. Stay at 1800 feet and 90 knots, and then once you are midfield (somewhere around the white dot), start your descent. Turn to the right inside the shoreline for a tight base and final approach and try to land as close to the orange dot as you can. You can see the approach in action on episode 5 of Flying To Oshkosh.

Post Your Results
After your arrival, join the conversation at the X-Plane.org flight school and tell us how it went! Post a screenshot of any portion of your arrival, but keep in mind that the screen shot must meet the size guidelines of the x-plane.org screenshot policy, so make sure they aren’t too big.  Tell us how close to the orange dot you were at touchdown (in your best estimation) and what your landing plugin data was. I’ll post mine up first with a reminder of the things you need to post to be eligible to win the giveaway.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a contest. It doesn’t matter how well you did, so be honest and just have some fun with it. All we want to see is your screenshot of your favorite part of the arrival, your estimation of how close to the dot you were, and how the landing plugin graded your landing. We’ll pick a winner at random every two weeks beginning March 24th, 2018 until the prizes are gone. That should give you plenty of time to get involved if you didn’t catch this video right away, and even if you don’t win on the first week, you’ll still have a shot on all the future weeks, just by having your post up.  Even if you don’t want to participate and contribute, feel free to join in on the conversation, congratulating our friends on their approach and landing.


Up for grabs in this challenge is a series of 3 Gladiator MKII joysticks, a Saitek Yoke, a CH Eclipse Yoke, and a set of VKB T-Rudder Pedals.  Winners will be announced on this forum every two weeks beginning March 24th, 2018 until the prizes are gone.  Each of these are new, open box items straight from the X-Plane.org store.  Limit one item won per user.  Winners will be contacted through this forum.  You must be a registered user to participate and win.


Rule 1.  Only one submission post is allowed per user.  The selection is at random, so posting a better submission wouldn’t help you anyway.
Rule 2. IMAGE SIZE.  JPG or GIF only (NO BMP or PNG allowed).  Hotlinked – maximum 1280 x 1024 pixels and 300kb. Attachment – maximum 1280 x 1024 pixels and 400kb.  External URL maximum 1600 x 1400.
Rule 3.  Your post must contain both a screenshot from your challenge flight, your landing plugin data (a descent rate in feet per minute), and our estimation of distance you landed from the orange dot.
Rule 4.  BE NICE.  Any offensive or rude posts or comments will be deleted.


Summary of the Challenge 
1. Install the landing plugin
2. Install the Oshkosh Scenery
4. Post a screenshot ON THE X-PLANE.ORG FLIGHT SCHOOL FORUM HERE from your challenge flight, along with your landing plugin data (a descent rate in feet per minute), and our estimation of distance you landed from the orange dot.


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  1. David Morley

    You mention “our estimation of the distance ……….”, twice. Do you mean “your estimation…..”?

    • Clay

      Yes – your estimation.


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